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Our Team

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Brittany Barden,

Chief Executive Officer

Brittany's passion is to help people align their thinking and their actions to move them more effectively towards their goals. Having worked with thousands of young adults, she is most inspired when helping people make the transition from young adult to young professional. Through classroom teaching, speaking engagements, developing course content and programs, one-on-one conversations, and coach training, she thrives on uncovering hidden talents and potential in young professionals.

Starting with an undergraduate in social sciences, Brittany has continued her career through several coaching certifications, including her credential as Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. Additionally, she has enjoyed studying a wide range of people-helping disciplines through certifications in Risk Avoidance, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Leadership, and additional training in Applied Bioethics.


Edward Macdonald, MCC

Chief Culture Officer

Edward Macdonald has been using life coaching to improve millennial professionalism, focus, and interpersonal skills for his entire career. Edward, known as Eddy to his friends and family, firmly believes in the power of the coaching process and knows that there has never been a more important time to utilize the coaching process to build leaders.

An enthusiastic and visionary member of the team, he draws from a broad range of experiences, having formally and personally studied a diverse range of coaching modalities. Edward currently holds six coaching certifications from the Applied Neuroscience Institute, The Center for Coaching Excellence, and Coach Training EDU. He holds the industry’s top credential as a Master Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation, and continues to help clients achieve breakthroughs in all areas of life.


Joshua Shi,
Certified Coach

Chief Marketing Officer

Joshua is focused on helping clients discover their purpose, realize their unique sphere of influence, and maximize their impact. He enjoys mentoring young leaders and has guided numerous students through earning a degree, planning a career, and achieving a well-lived life.

Joshua holds a bachelor’s degree in communications with honors, as well as a Signature Leadership certificate. He is a certified Academic Life Coach and continues to study life coaching. In addition to being a skilled coach, Joshua is also a seasoned entrepreneur who loves the challenge and exhilaration of building ideas into realization. Though he originally hails from Massachusetts, he currently resides in Colorado where he is too far from the ocean for his taste. In his free time, Joshua enjoys sailing, good books, deep friendships, and adventure.

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Carissa Gay

Professional Certified Coach

Carissa Gay has dedicated her career to coaching, training and developing leaders. She spent 15 years in the non-profit world before transitioning to a coaching role in the corporate and academic sectors. She is CEO of Courageous Leaders, a coaching and training firm specializing in leadership and career development, helping impact-minded professionals identify their personal brand and live it out with vision and courage.

She also serves as the Southeast regional trainer for Center for Coaching Excellence, where she trains managers and leaders in coaching skills that produce high-performing teams. Carissa has completed Bachelor's degrees English and Christian Education, and a Master's in Counseling. She also holds Professional Coach Certification from the International Coach Federation, as well as certifications in emotional intelligence, career management, and brain-based coaching, all a part of her mission to equip leaders of vision, courage, and significant impact.

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Lauren Reins

Certified Coach

Lauren Reins grew up in Portland, Oregon. She spent much of her life training to become a professional dancer. After attending the Edge Performing Arts Center Program in Los Angeles California on a scholarship, she worked all over the US as a professional dancer for nearly a decade. She then settled into Northern Nevada, earning her degree in Psychology from the University of Nevada where she was a member of the applied behavior analysis program. She also spent time teaching and mentoring dancers to become professionals

It was after a few more years of teaching that she decided to marry her two passions of teaching and psychology to achieve wellness coaching certification. After getting her Wellness Coaching certification she started her own coaching practice specializing in teens and young adults. She now lives in Seattle, WA, she is married and has 2 of her own children. She continues to be a dedicated teacher, mentor, and certified wellness coach passionate about helping others realize and achieve their full potential. She facilitates individual, group, and workshop coaching sessions to identify strengths, face challenges, and set goals, for lifelong physical and mental wellness.

ICF Credentials


What should you look for in a coach?

  • Formal training.

  • ICF affiliation, membership, and/or certification.

  • Authentic connection.

  • Confidentiality.

  • Opportunity to set and clarify your goals and desired outcomes.

  • Measurable success.

Why ICF?

  • The International Coach Federation is the premier international governing body for the coaching profession.

  • ICF provides resources, networking, training, certification standards, continuing education, and standards of excellence for coaches around the world.

What is ICF Certification?

ICF certification holds coaches to a standard of excellence that consists of a 3-hour exam and varying levels of mentor coaching hours, accredited training programs, and minimum client hours.

ICF offers three credentials: ACC – Associate Certified Coach, PCC – Professional Certified Coach, and MCC – Master Certified Coach. Learn more.

Each successive level of certification corresponds to significant increase in training requirements and coach skill set.


What levels of coaching does AGL offer?

AGL offers coaching at all three levels of certification.


Our rates are as follows:

$150/session (ACC) – ideal for students

$200/session (PCC) – ideal for young professionals

$300/session (MCC) – ideal for leaders and executives