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Coaching Packages

Purpose. Passion. Success.


12 Sessions

Why that length?

12 sessions provide the minimum time necessary to create substantially different neural pathways in the brain. Just as you would need to go to the gym for a consistent, sustained period of time to see results, you need duration to reinforce learning and growth. It takes a certain amount of repetition and consistency to get where you want to go.


What you Get:

  • 12, one-hour sessions meeting twice monthly with a Certified Coach.
  • Initial three part assessment: Values in Action, Trait Survey, Wheel of Life.
  • Progress review following session 12 exploring growth and ROI metrics.
  • Worksheets for further reflection.
  • Customized action steps following each call.
  • Access to additional tools and coach support as needed.

24 Sessions

Our 24 session package facilitates deeper insight and longer-lasting results by radically changing your perspective on life. This neuroscience-based coaching intensive is facilitated by a Licensed NeuroPositive Coach. Sessions focus on identifying and leveraging strengths, clarifying your wants and goals, and building a significant future. Through understanding your thoughts, feelings, flow, and decisiveness, you can take control of your perspectives and begin to live out your strengths in significant ways.


What you Get:

  • 24, one-hour sessions meeting twice monthly with a Licensed NeuroPositive Coach.
  • Positive Mind Index + StrengthsFinder Assessments.
  • Growing the Positive Mind and additional books.
  • Progress review following sessions 12 and 24 exploring growth and ROI metrics.
  • Worksheets and journaling for further reflection.
  • Relevant videos and blog articles.
  • Homework on positive emotions and thoughts.
  • Customized action steps following each call.
  • Access to additional tools and coach support as needed.

Package Breakdowns


Purpose: Start with Why

To achieve your goals, you have to understand your starting point. Having a map when you’re lost in the woods is worthless if you don’t first know where you are.

Coaching begins with exploring who you are and why you are here to gain clarity about where you want to be.


Potential Topics:

Goals, Values, Strengths, Vision

Possible Tools:

Wheel of Life, Values in Action, Trait Survey, Future Self, Assumptions Chart

Duration: 3+ sessions


Potential Topics:

Motivation, Self-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Perspectives.

Possible Tools:

Five Lives, Motivation Styles, Core Motivations, Whole Person Wheel, Wants List

Duration: 5+ sessions

Passion: Know What You Want

Fulfillment is not about what you have, but how you make meaning with what you have.

Once you can place yourself on a map, you still need to know your destination.The gap between who you are and who you want to be can only be bridged by knowing where you want to go.

Coaching explores what you want and clarifies your future goals so you know where you are heading.


Success: How to Get There


Success looks different for every person. Once you know who you are and what you want, creating a path to achieve your goals becomes simple.  

Coaching takes what you’ve learned about yourself and your dreams to become a person who finds fulfillment and satisfaction along the way.


Potential Topics:

Systems, Habits, Task Management, Productivity, Motivation, Ownership, Delegation.

Possible Tools:

Communication Styles, Habit Redesign, Setting Reminders, Productivity Matrix, Delegation Chart, Eisenhower Matrix

Duration: remainder of 12 or 24 sessions


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